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She realized very early on that everything she did had ramifications, said Thom Browne, who made the tailored coat and dress Mrs. Obama wore for the inaugural parade in 2013, as well as a dress she wore to the 2012 Democratic National Convention and also during the final debate that year. And she understood, he went on, that people did not just want to know how she looked, but what she was about, and that she could plant subliminal cues to the latter with her clothes. Mrs. Obama wearing a Thom Browne tailored coat and dress at the inaugural parade in 2013. Doug Mills / The New York Times Change was the promise, and change was the look far beyond the amount of upper arm on display, or the riot of color and prints. Or the cardigans. Just because something appears trivial does not mean it is any less powerful as a means of persuasion and outreach.

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A railroad worker stands by the first train decorated with letters that read "Kosovo is Serbian" written in twenty languages It said the slogan "Kosovo is Serbian" painted on the train was a celebration of cultural heritage. But Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, saw the train as an act of provocation. Balkans war: a brief guide The Russian-made train had been decorated with large images of Serbian Orthodox religious icons from famous monasteries in Kosovo, while hostesses were dressed in Serbia's national colours. "This is like a mobile exhibition presenting our cultural heritage," declared Marko Djuric, who heads the Serbian government's office for Kosovo, ahead of the trip. The train was due to travel from Belgrade to Mitrovica, in northern Kosovo, where most of Kosovo's remaining ethnic Serbs live. Currently, it takes 10 hours to travel by train from Mitrovica to Belgrade, and Serbia says it hopes to establish a direct service. Neither Serbia nor Russia recognise Kosovan independence, which was declared nine years after a war between separatists and the government in Belgrade. Image copyright AP Image caption The inside of the train was decorated with Serbian Orthodox images from Kosovan monastries But Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic ordered the train to stop in Raska on the Serbian side of the border, saying Kosovan special forces were trying to blow up the track. Kosovo, which Serbia claimed was planning to arrest the driver if the train crossed the border, has denied the accusations.