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Women are also encouraged to leave creative and impassioned out of office replies, talking about why they are striking. The strike is partly inspired by the women of Iceland, where in 1975 25,000 women gathered on the streets of Reykjavik ร้าน ขาย รองเท้า ส้น สูง and 90% of the female population did not go to work, cook, clean or take care of children. Last year thousands of female employees across Iceland walked out of workplaces at 2.38pm to protest against earning less than men. In the US, where the feminist movement has been galvanised by the election of a president who has bragged of grabbing women by the p***y, organisers are expecting small demonstrations across the country, with some major gatherings of strikers expected in Chicago and Washington DC. We have the sense that people will spontaneously make a call for demonstrations in their town, said Tithi Bhattacharya, an associate professor at Purdue University and one of the marchs organisers. I think the most exciting thing about March 8 is the way its being interpreted in diverse ways by different groups. In some parts of the US the impact of the strike is already evident. In two districts of North Carolina and Virginia, so many teachers announced plans to miss work on Wednesday that school closures were announced. In the district of Alexandria, 300 staff requested the day off. The day of action comes amid a recognition among campaigners that mass, headline-grabbing actions are the key to furthering the cause of womens rights around the world. If we only fight our own battles if that is abortion in Poland, or femicide in South America we are only fighting one finger of the giant, said Suchanow. And we need to be taking down the giant, not the finger. Suchanow joined in the mass womens strike in Poland last October, in which up to 100,000 women dressed in black took to the streets to protest against a near-total ban on abortion. Following the march, Polands parliament overwhelming rejected the ban drafted by the ruling Law and Justice party.

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